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We believe that connecting the right people generates high quality work.

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We give freelancers & studios a place where they can showcase what they do best to a professional audience, and we offer companies a way to find the perfect creative for the job.

Show your talent and skills to a creative community of 1700 professionals. We are developing Creative Network into a premium portfolio & networking website.

On the new website, searching and finding ‘the right freelancer’ for ‘the right job’ will be so much easier. Increase your visibility and display your skills without the hassle and upkeep of hosting a portfolio website. We provides all the tools to show your portfolio in the best possible way. And it will provide the tools to keep track of other creatives and studios.

The new Creative Network will be launched mid 2014.

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  • Creative Network portfolio & networking website for creative professionals and studios
  • Get extra exposure with your portfolio
  • Impress with your personal homepage
  • EGet extra exposure with your portfolio
  • Get extra exposure with your portfolio
  • Easy to edit portfolio
  • Biography & contact information

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Sign up now and get two months for free! Your membership starts when the new website is launched mid 2014.

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Features for paid memberships

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Free €10/month

Portfolio & biography
Easily update and add projects your biography and extended contact information to attract the attention of the community and potential clients.

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Unlimited storage
Host as much work as you want in your portfolio, although we encourage to carefully select the work you show.

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Personal url
Use your own professional url to link to your portfolio (

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Mobile friendly
Your portfolio is optimised for all screen types, now everybody can view your work no matter what device they use.

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Private sharing
Show your portfolio or project publicly, or privately within the network.

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Bookmark your favourite agencies, studios and freelancers, and easily keep track of their work.

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Social sharing
Share your profile and projects without any imposed branding, that way you can send a potential client your work samples without having to worry about the competition.

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Extra exposure for talent
We feature talented projects and portfolios on our homepage, our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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Add team members to your projects
Show the talent in your agency/studio by linking fellow creatives to your projects.

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Easy to maintain
Easily drag & drop images for you portfolio, and arrange the order of the projects however you like. Put projects on non-active to hide them from public viewing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m already on other portfolio websites. What makes this one different?

    Creative Network is focused on professionals. They have different needs. We meet their demands.

  • When does my subscription start?

    Your subscription starts with the launch of the new website.

  • How long can I benefit from discounted membership fees? Can I take some time to decide if I’m going to switch to the new website or not?

    Discounts on professional memberships are available until the launch of the beta version (only accessible to registered paid users). However, the faster you decide, the faster the website will be finished.

  • What happens to my profile if I decide against paid membership?

    Your profile & portfolio will be transformed into a free account on the new website. These accounts are limited in functionality. If you’d like to use the network to promote your work to the fullest extent, consider paid professional membership.

  • Do you offer free memberships?

    Yes, we do. Keep in mind, however, that these memberships come with a limited portfolio functionality. If you really want us to promote your work, opt for paid membership.

  • For who?

    Creative Network is build for graphic designers, illustrators, motion designers, photographers, web designers, art directors, make-up artists, product designers, 3D artists and all other creatives.

  • More questions?

    Do you have a question not answered by our faq section?
    Ask us at

Creative Network is a premium portfolio network of 1700 European professionals, companies & studios.

This portfolio website is used by art buyers, creative directors, art directors, advertising agencies, studios and professionals to find the freelancer they need. We publish 12 interviews with creative professionals a year. We also organise the conference Let’s Talk Design multiple times a year with national and international guest speakers, to inspire, motivate & network.

Founded in 2007 by Timothy Helmer.