Let’s Think Design is a conference on the subject of Design Thinking.

Let’s Think Design wants to bridge the gap between the creative industry and the business industry. Raising topics about the value of design, about the economic and cultural impact, about innovation and how design collaborates with technology.

Our goal is to create a design thinking orientated culture in Belgium.

Let’s Think Design is an initiative of Creative Network, Wonderland & Made.


Nathan Waterhouse (UK)

Nathan has a background in organisation design and has facilitated workshops with hundreds of participants and led organisation design programs that have helped shift the innovation strategy for 250 year old organisations such as Generali and helped design startup incubator for Europe called HackFWD. He has worked with clients such as IKEA, T-Mobile, VISA, Oxfam, SONY, and more to help them to innovate. Whilst at IDEO, he co-led the organisation design practice in IDEO for the European market which helped to shape a new direction for IDEO’s work in this space. This involved creating toolkits and codifying IDEO’s design thinking approach and helping clients apply it at scale.

Thomas Lockwood (US)

Thomas Lockwood is the author/editor of four books on design thinking, design strategy and design management. He has a Ph.D. in design management and is recognised as a thought leader at integrating design and innovation practice into business, and building great design and UX organisations.

Oli Shaw (UK)

A non-traditional, trans-disciplinary creative director, with over 19 years of experience in branding, design, strategy, communications and service design.
Oli is currently Global Service Design & Creative Director at Designit and was previously Head of User Experience / Creative Strategist at De-Construct, Regional Group Service Director at Fjord.
Previously worked across Europe, APAC, MART and the US with organisations including Vodafone, Nokia, Telstra, UBS, RBS, BP, Garanti /BBVA, Turkish Airlines, IsBank, Guardian Media, BSKYB, BBC, Adidas, Tesco, Coles, Panasonic and a number of start-ups, both B2C and B2B. I also have had the privilege of building design studios and creative departments, growing design teams and speaking at events globally.


Behaviour first: How the psychology of human behaviour is essential to deliver real value for your customers. (Sold Out)

Behavioural Design

Experience tells us that what customers say is not necessary how customers behave. At Made we incorporate psychology of human behaviour applying techniques, tools and models to design relevant products and services attuned to the desired future behaviour of your customers. In this workshop we show how we can translate product and service design challenges in behaviour change questions within a human centred design process. Based on latest research in the psychology of behaviour change we show how these behaviour change question can be used to develop new innovaties products and services.

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A new discipline is emerging as business people realise that their craft needs to keep up with startups who are innovating faster than ever before. (Sold Out)

Business Design

Business design is about creating business models to empower products and services. What is the right go-to-market strategy for your idea? How will you finance your operations? What’s the importance of creativity when you think about topics like this? In this breakout, we’ll talk about how business design can turn designers into drivers of innovation.

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Is your company an energy source or an energy sinkhole? Using design to transform the employee experience.

HR / Talent innovation

What do you love at work? What do you not love so much? Whether it’s a fun brainstorming session or receiving unfair feedback from a manager, work is made up of things that give or drain us of energy.
In the session we’ll explore the psychology behind the employee experience and the importance of particularly the small things that can transform work into a place of joy or a place of despair. By the end of the workshop you will have tools that you can take back to your company to help you inject more energy into your experience as an employee.

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How collective intelligence enables a new way of distributed innovation and self-organisation.

Novelty Production

Many misconceptions by wide-eyed marketing men in their 40s are causing unnecessary fears about the rise of AI, automatisation and robotics. In the science of cybernetics it has been proven that the so-called singularity has in fast a maximal velocity and so the question is not “How do we stop these computers from taking over the world?” but rather “How do we use these computers to create a better world?” During this break-out we’ll discuss the science behind innovation and talk about how this applies to your industry and field of play.

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A ticket gives you acces to the lectures. Breakouts are limited in capacity, you are able to choose 1 breakout when buying your ticket as long as they are available.


  • Date & Time June 1st, 2017
    Doors open at 15.00, presentations start at 15.30 sharp. We end around 19.00. All lectures are in English.
  • Location Zuiderpershuis
    Timmerwerfstraat 40
    Antwerp, Belgium

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Made, Growing Business through design and innovation.

Made combines insights gained from observing human behaviour with technological opportunities in order to devise and design solutions that grow your business and improve the quality of life for your end-users. We build products, interfaces, and services for premium brands, innovative SMEs, organisations in the public sector and start-ups. We aim to set new standards by always striving to exceed expectations. We are a young, dynamic, and award-winning team of ambitious design thinkers whose goal is to expand as a thriving innovation platform that unites technology, creativity, and business expertise.


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