Alexandra Hill

I might not be the most conceited designer with all the bells and whistles, but what I do have is a passion for life, a passion for people and adding creativity in every aspect of my life. I thrive in new environments and pushing myself outside my comfort zone, I took a creative break and spent a few months on Superyachts. This strongly developed my people skills and organisation, as I was in charge of large areas and under tight schedules. I have an easy going, no drama personality suitable for any work environment. Not only have I acquired invaluable life experiences I have developed a zest for life that guarantees hard work to get where I want to be.

I hope to follow a creative career that allows me to do something different on a day to day basis. This could even bleed into being a Marketing creative in charge of multiple areas such as social media and being a brand ambassador.

At the age of 8 my family moved from Cape Town South Africa to Belgium. Growing up in Belgium and attending an international school really exposed me to many cultures and different walks of life. I then attended Loughborough University UK doing Graphic Communication, which lead to working in Amsterdam for a year.

Clients - I was in charge of researching potential merchants for the marketplace programme, administrating a lead database and designing sales collaterals and banners. I interacted a lot with the sales team and account managers as well as the ability to deal with different departments like Marketing and Design. I had little supervision while completing these tasks and had a good relationship with the whole team.

CLIQ Digital -
I was the Designer for CLIQ Digital, a marketing and payment platform for digital products. CLIQ provides mobile consumers worldwide with entertaining, meaningful products that enhances their lives anytime, anywhere. I have been in charge of social media design, logo design, app design, website design, document design, business plan design and presentation design. I have delved into all aspects of Graphic Design while being able to take the lead in all areas.


I have taken on a few clients over the years while being employed full-time. I would spend hours after work or on the weekend to complete briefs. These briefs ranged from a complete brand design for a personal trainer to document design for business owners.

Style / Expertise

Banner Design / Webdesign