Fran Rodríguez

Hi there!. This is Fran Rodríguez, a.k.a. lacabezaenlasnubes (spanish for head in the clouds), I'm a graphic designer and collage artist from the north coast of spain now living in Barcelona. Since I was a little kid I'm obsessed with outer space, astronauts and flying things of any kind. I've always tried to escape, from school, from work, from reality. I always dreamt of being an astronaut, of being outside everything and be able not to face any responsability. I try to reflect that in my work. I create collages deeply inspired by surrealism and psychedelics.

lacabezaenlasnubes is Fran Rodriguez, a graphic designer from Cantabria (Spain), born in 1980, now living in Barcelona. In his early years he would get nervous about everything, untrust adults and dream a life where he wouldn't have to wake up early. At the age of 20 when he realized his inabilities and faced up to the fact that he was only able to survive in a dignified and/or legal way by becoming a designer.

Since 2002 he has been working to achieve and show that beautiful things, free days and good songs rule the world.

With ample experience on Offline and Online Art Directing, animation, editing and video postproduction, lacabezaenlasnubes is now available for any freelance project. During these 14 years he has been working for agencies as well as being freelance for companies such as Prisa Group, "Acción Contra el Hambre", Heineken, ING, HSBC and Lucky Strike amongst others.


Prisa Group, Heineken, ING, HSBC, Lucky Strike