Marylène Madou

Marylène Madou is a print and fashion designer based in Limburg, Belgium. She is the founder and designer of her own label, Marylène Madou, and develops projects for companies world wide.

In her studio, she creates patterns for the fashion industry, homeware, stationery and accessories. All repeat patterns are created from unique hand drawn and painted elements, digitally edited.

Marylène Madou was established in Belgium in 2016, aptly named after the designer herself. Launching the brand with a successful collection of printed scarves, print still is the ultimate starting point in each collection. Every textile print is created in-house by the designer herself, solely using her original paintings and digital illustrations.

“It often is a particular image that triggers my eye, whether an animal on a vase, a shape or a colour combination in a painting. My often eclectic and colorful aesthetic comes forth out of a fascination for historic textiles and unique objects; vintage stuffed birds or design objects for instance… I most definitely like to combine this with elements that are close to my heart, such as private family gardens and Lemony (the dachshund). Colour research and drawing are highly important to me in the process. Prints simply give me the opportunity to create my own world and wear my own world.” – Marylène

Style / Expertise

Print Design / Textile Design