Nina Zulian

I’m a visual artist and freelance graphic designer based in Amsterdam.
I'm well versed in different areas of design and have successfully designed solutions for textile design, graphic design (on-line and off-line). I have all the necessary skills to see a given project from first idea through conceptual development and design to final product.
I've been working with fashion and product design for many years, creating my own products and also I'm doing collaboration with fashion and brands around the world.

“Originally from Brazil, the designer Nina Zulian has made a home for herself in Amsterdam, where she has built a reputation for innovative design incorporating an array of techniques. Her design philosophy is that the possibilities are endless when you start with a blank sheet of white paper. She says this philosophy makes her work endlessly creative and endlessly challenging. She begins each pattern or print manually, using a combination of watercolour, pen and pencil, crayon, collage, or ink, and finishes them digitally. This freedom she gives herself to explore and mix techniques brings a true vibrancy to her designs.” Written by Shop Vida.