Sarah Schrauwen

Hi there! I am a book designer and editor based in Antwerp, Belgium. I work collaboratively — and often remotely — with publishers, design studios, writers and various other clients.

I believe it’s crucial for designers to be interested in content. Language is a big part of what we do: structuring words and images on a page in order for them to work together. As a designer and editor I try to combine the two in clean and timeless work.

After graduating from the University of Antwerp as a linguist, I moved to London in 2011 to get a degree in visual communication from the London College of Communication. Two internships later, I took on a full-time position as editorial coordinator at the independent publisher Unit Editions – allowing me to combine my two passions and skill sets: language and design.

After two years I decided to start working as an independent book designer and editor: my first solo book design project was ‘Abstract Vaudeville: The Work of Rose English’. In the summer of 2014 I moved back to Antwerp, where I established my small studio and work with local clients while continuing my collaborations with international publishers such as David Zwirner Books and GraphicDesign&.

I always aim to approach projects holistically by providing overarching guidance from the conceptual and research phase, over curation and editing, to design and production. I have a clean and pragmatic sense of aesthetics, and try to adhere to a few principles, such as ‘less is more’ and ‘form follows function’.


Alliance Graphique Internationale
David Zwirner Books
Laurence King Publishing